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Green Industrial Services LLC

Green Industrial Services

was founded in 2014 with only 4 employees on the premise of emphasizing long-term client relationships ahead of short-term profits. We now have over 250 full-time employees with the infrastructure to be able to help even the largest of companies.  In 2023, Green Industrial Services earned the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, a world-wide industry standard that requires companies to maintain a Quality Management System that is supportive of continual improvement in processes and client satisfaction.

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Staffing companies are commonplace, so what makes us different?

What sets us apart are our monetized incentive programs, which we customize for ANY labor application. These incentive programs ensure that employees strive to meet all criteria objectives in areas of safety, quality, attendance and production efficiency. Due to our proprietary incentive programs, we are able to guarantee that our labor programs will outperform any program currently in place. In our experience, incentivized employment programs end up costing our clients far less than standard hourly compensation plans.

We begin by listening to our clients, learning their challenges and needs – then we examine current and past productivity levels and use the data to craft a customized program that will take your company to the next level.

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