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State consumer privacy laws, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia, and Utah provide their residents with the right to opt out of the selling and sharing of Personal Information.

In the past twelve months, Green Industrial Services has not disclosed information obtained from consumers to certain third parties in the traditional sense of exchanging data for money.

However, our use of cookies and other website tracking technologies may be considered a sale or sharing of Personal Information under certain data protection laws, in which case the categories of Personal Information that we have sold or shared include identifiers (e.g., IP addresses) and internet or other similar network activity. Categories of third parties to whom Personal Information is sold or shared include data analytics providers and advertising and marketing providers. We have not sold Personal Information of children under the age of 16.

For more information on your privacy rights, including information about the selling and or sharing of your data, please see our Privacy Policy.

Please fill out the following Opt Out Form if you wish to exercise your rights to opt out of the selling and sharing of personal information.